Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, it is early Sunday January 31 st and I've created this blog.

I created this blog for various reasons, to benefit myself and to share some of the things I've learned with the readers. I am attempting to add value to myself and grow as a person. What exactly does that mean? It is hard to explain, but I am aiming to become more knowledgeable, more open minded and a better person socially as well as financially. Yes, this blog is going to have a fair amount of financial topics and information. I also hope that by creating this blog, I'll improve my writing (I don't write a lot at work, so I don't get a chance to practice) as well as learning the inside and outside of how blogging works. I think that by keeping this blog, I'll add an extra level of motivation for my actions. After all, you can see my progress and see if I achieve or fail.

What you probably will see on this blog:
  • Some general financial advice, mostly about pitfalls to avoid.
  • Periodic book reviews and suggestions.
  • Way of how I can "add value" to myself.
  • List of goals and progress.
  • References to a program called "StreetWise Partners." It is a volunteer program that I'll discuss later.
  • Rants on fairly random topics from which I'll try to extract a point.
  • Possibly Q&A if I receive good questions which can benefit many people.
  • Topics and events relevant to me.
  • Employment and networking.
What you probably will not see on this blog:
  • Fancy graphics or the latest blog options. (Unless I learn them of course)
  • More then one update per day. I don't plan to detail what I ate for lunch or when I'm going to the restroom. Updates will be based on new content, so a few days may pass before each update.
  • A summary of news or current events. I don't plan to mention what happens and give my thoughts on each story.
That is the introduction to this blog.
If you wish to comment or ask questions, you can e-mail me at

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  1. Learned that I should proof read my posts right before publishing! I left a word out.